رقم المنتج:VN360108
بار كود:560459
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Weatherproof & Metal Back-lit Key Buttons

Surface Mount or Mounting on Gooseneck Post

PINs & EM Cards

The READER  is a self-contained three relay outputs, vandal resistant and weatherproof keypad. It combines the functions of digital keypad and proximity EM card reader in one unit. The ST-K302A can work independently as a stand alone keypad

It is an ideal keypad mainly for Door Strike and Alarm Arm-Disarm Control. It can also be a programmable industrial timer (with the timing of 1 second to over 24 hours) for Automatic Operator Systems

The READER  is suitable for surface mount installation or mounting it on a standard gooseneck post

Stand Alone Operation

Stand Alone Electric Lock or Inter-Lock Installation

Users for Output 1 – 1,000 (PINs and/or Cards) + 50 Duress Codes

Users for Output 2 – 100 (PINs and/or Cards) +10 Duress Codes

50Visitor Codes for Output 1, Programmable for One Time; or Valid for 1 to 99 Hours

Users for Output 3 – 100 (PINs and/or Cards) + 10 Duress Codes

Over 100 Million Combinations for User PINs

Super User Code Operates The Output 1, 2 & 3, Also Makes Inhibit or Resets Inhibit for Output 1

Input Terminals for Door Position Sensor, Egress Button & Output 1 Inhibit Control

Card Reader Compatible with All The Standard 125Khz Proximity EM Cards & Key fobs

Programmable Intelligent Egress Button Controls “Going Out” with Delay, Warning and Button Contacting Manners of Momentary or Holding Contact

Common User PIN, Group User PINs & Private User PINs for Working with The EM Card for Various Levels of Security Enhancement

ON-OFF Selectable for Pacifier Tone, Standby Flashing LED & Keyboard Back-lit Lighting

Output Relay 2 – N.C. & N.O. Dry Contacts, 1A / 24VDC Maximum

Open Collector Outputs for The Duress, Alarm, Key Active, Inter-lock, 100mA

Sink / 24VDC Maximum Rating

Output Relay 1 – N.C. & N.O. Dry Contacts, 5A / 24VDC Maximum

Output Relay 3 – N.C. & N.O. Dry Contacts, 1A / 24VDC Maximum

Operating Voltage : 12-24VDC; Auto Adjusting

Tamper Switch – N.C. Dry Contact; 50mA/24VDC

Extremely Long Programmable Timer for Output Relays; 1 Second to Over 24 Hours

1.5mm Stainless Steel Faceplate

Operating Current : 50 (Quiescent) to 125mA (3 Relay Active

Environment Humidity : 5-95% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing

Operation Temperature : -20 Deg C to +70 Deg C

Operation Environment & Ingress Protection : All Weather, IP-66

ST-K302A: Cast Aluminum External Housing Powder Painted in Black or White Color

Weight : 1.03Kgs

Dimension : 156(H) X 103(W) X 70(D) mm

Specifications are subject to change for modifications without notice