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The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8082 My IC Phone introduces a new category of endpoints, called smart deskphones, for delivering new deskphone uses. It offers an unprecedented level of comfort at the desk, thanks to its video capability, high-quality wideband audio capacity and its always-on availability. Its capacitive haptic touch screen with rich contextual menus brings to the desk the intuitive interface of a smartphone offering access to rich collaborative conversation features that deliver significantly more than the traditional deskphone communications functions.

The openness of the OmniTouch 8082 My IC Phone enables the integration of specific business- or industry-related applications, as well as the addition of contextual features for richer and more effective conversations. Depending on the user’s status, specifically designed applications can display customized information to make the phone a unique command center for efficient collaborative business conversations.


  • Video communication
  • Smart menus with ergonomic design
  • SIP telephony services
  • Communications platforms offer rich web services-based communications, such as contextual Manager/Assistant interactions
  • Industry-specific application packages, such as hospitality packages
  • Customization interface for users and IT departments
  • Multimedia file management: MP3, pictures and screensavers
  • Integration with the user’s desktop, including contacts importation
  • Software development kit (SDK) open to web application developers


  • Offers robustness: Always-on, secure endpoint
  • Reinforces your brand image through award-winning design
  • Delivers streamlined interactions with contextual information
  • Provides quick access to relevant functions through intuitive and easyto-use menus
  • Open to external applications
  • Offers enriched communications for better employee productivity
  • Delivers eco-friendly deployment (Class 3 maximum)