Array NF-8601W Multi-functional Network Cable Tester LCD Cable length Tester Breakpoint Tester
رقم المنتج:680401
بار كود:680401
السعر: 1000 NIS
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1. PoE / PING testing.
2. Trace targeted cable among lots of unknown cables
3. Locate faults for RJ11/RJ45/BNC Cable
4. measure cable length accurately
5. Voltage detecting function.
6. 8 remotes included , improving work effiency.
7. Memory and storage function, export or upload the data from PC.
8. Built-in Lithium battery and color screen 
1. Big LCD color screen 320*240
2. Function of storage and memory
3. Currency detection and lighting lamp
4. Automatic delay power on-off
5.Low voltge alarm function
6. Lithium battery for more efficient work