Light Switch

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Light Switch

The igh Light Switch controls any dimmable or non-dimmable AC powered lighting.

The Light Switch is loaded with unique features allowing customization of each light according to the user's needs.

Unique Features

  • Dimming any approved dimmable lights.
  • Light intensity management - Once room occupancy occurred the switch decides whether turn the lights ON according to user preferences and amount of light in the room.
  • Fade speed - Soft dimming operation.
  • Night light - The light turns OFF automatically at sunrise.
  • OFF level - The light will dim to a low intensity instead of turning OFF according to user preferences.
  • OFF delay - After executing OFF command manually the switch allows the user to leave the room before light turn OFF.
  • Return level - Light turn ON to specific light intensity according to user preference or last light level.
  • Short timer – In case of short time visit the light will turn OFF much faster in order to avoid energy wasting.
  • Event Handler Switch – Allows to trigger desired scenarios by touching ON/OFF area.
  • Single Touch – Converts switch surface to one toggle touch area.
  • Learning - The switch learns the amount of movement in the room and automatically adjusts the timers.