Intelligent Keypad

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Intelligent Keypad

The igh keypad allows rapid and easy management of system devices without any network connection. Each pattern can be integrated with different scenario.

7" portable intelligent keypad that is designed with touch technology giving it a slim elegant style. Never before has it been so simple to control lights/appliances.

Main FeaturesScenario on the fly - Just select one or more lights/appliances, hit the command and you create a scenario.

Control multiply appliances with a single touch was never so easy.Low maintenance - With a Typical usage you will not remember when was the last time you have charged it.Connected - It operates directly with other igh units, no internet connection is needed.

Configurable - With igh app it is so easy to setup your keypad channels.

Night mode - Back light will illuminate automatically at night.Wall mount - Just install the magnetic bracket and it is ready to mount on the wall.