Nice Robus RB500HS Sliding 24 Volt Kit ماتور باب سحب سريع لغاية 500 كغم

رقم المنتج:NI150109
بار كود:NI150109
المرجِع:ROBUS 500 HS
السعر: 3700 NIS
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For hi-speed automation of sliding gates weighing up to 500kg or up to 8m long

User-friendly: thanks to the Nice BlueBUS technology, the control unit can be connected to up to seven couples of photocells, control, security and signalling devices, using two wires only.

Advanced: the temperature sensor adapts the motor power to the climatic conditions and at the same time thermal cut-out. A master/slave selection automatically synchronises two motors. This means it is possible to automate 2-leaf sliding gates set opposite each other.

Intelligent: thanks to the obstacle detection system and automatic programming of the working times. Self-diagnosis by means of a flashing light. 8 programming levels.

Safe: acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and at the end of each opening and closing manoeuvre.

Sturdy: base and release in pressure die cast with easy to open handle. Very quiet: gear motor on bearings.