Stark W7 Elegant Pro Wireless Alarm KIT ST-W7

  • WiFi/3G/GPRS/SMS network transmission alert, two network backup modes selection
  • Support IOS and Android app software. Users can remotely control and program the alarm system Via cloud
  • Remote monitoring / speaking , Check surround status via App anytime anywhere
  • support 4 two-way intercom phone numbers ,support speed dialing ,dial from the panel keypad.
  • Built-in voice recorder for recording alarm voice message
  • Share the functions to other users by smart sharing
  • Integrated high performance, 800mAh lithium battery that keeps the alarm system on standby for at least 8 hours after AC loss.
  • Monitor the open/close state of doors and windows
  • Support 100 latest alarm records and querying via App
  • Remote technical support operations
  • Integrated RFID reader, users can arm / disarm the alarm system using the RFID tag
  • Integrated child safety function effectively prevents the malfunctioning of the alarm system by children.
  • On screen temperature dispaly
  • Quick dialing , for 4 numbers or direct call by inputing numbers on keypad
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