Deimos Kit BFT 500Kg Sliding 230V



DEIMOS gate automation is designed specifically for sliding gates up to 500 kg weight and is suitable for single home and villas with few openings/closures a day (Duty Cicle: 30%). This electric motor for sliding gates is equipped with control unit.

This automation is manufactured in Italy by BFT. Our 10-years experience allow us to supply it at bargain price.

The kit is composed by:
1x DEIMOS - 230v 500Kg gear motor with control unit ALPHA and build-in receiver.
1x RADIUS B LTA 24 R1 - Flashing light with antenne.
1x MITTO B RCB04 R1 - 4-channels 433,92MHz transmitter with rolling code technology.
1x CELLULA 130 - Pair of syncronized photocells. Surface mounting. 
1x Q.BO KEY WM - Surface mounting key selector.

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Deimos 500
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