VA-6000BC DC Power Supply and Battery Charger

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VA-6000BC is mainly used in VA-6000 system to provide stable and reliable spare DC power when there is no AC power supply.



● Select charging mode automatically.

● Storage battery failure, overvoltage, over-temperature and overtime charging detection.

● Automatic temperature control fan and overheating protection.

● Storage battery can be changed, will not be influenced by the change of AC power supply.


Basic Functions

* Build-in battery charge management and monitoring circuit. When connected to AC power, DC 24V will be off automatically.

* Storage battery adopts two DC 24V lead-acid batteries or one DC 24V lead-acid battery.

* Selecting charging mode automatically, to ensure safety charging and service life: pre-charge->constant current->trickle charge.

* High charging efficiency and restore efficiency. Storage battery fault detection, overvoltage detection, over-temperature detection and overtime charging detection.

* Being suitable for multiple volumetric battery <=200Ah.

* Dual internet interfaces, can realize hand in hand connection.

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