2 Wire Hikvision Intercom Kit

رقم المنتج:HV610200
بار كود:HV610200
السعر: 1700 NIS
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Hikvision DS-KIS701 - 2 wire intercom KIT with IR lighting

The 2-wire video intercom kit from Hikvision is suitable for both homes and businesses. Hikvision's intercom can be easily installed and configured.
You can use existing 2-wire cabling. This intercom kit is extremely suitable for replacing existing systems. A door opener can be connected to the outdoor station, which is also supplied with a supply voltage.

The kit consists of:
1 x DS-KV8103-IME2 Vandal-proof external unit
1 x DS-KH8340-TCE2 indoor station, black 7 "

1 x DS-KAD709 Power supply 

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