TFVE Voice Evacuation System


TELEFIRE’s TFVE-300 PA system is an integrated and modular 300W PA system that includes emergency messages in Hebrew, standard warning sounds and the option to combine background music and a bell timer system.

The TFVE-300 is an integrated monolithic system, built into a single casing, containing PA system units, a power supply and backup batteries. The system can play recorded alarm and evacuation messages saved in its μSD card, and in addition, allows making announcements through a microphone integrated into the front panel, or via a remote emergency microphone.

The TFVE system includes evacuation messages recorded in accordance with NFPA requirements and additional messages which can be played, based on various scenarios. When an alarm is received from the fire detection system, an evacuation message will be played automatically. Upon the firefighters’ arrival, announcements can be made manually via the integral microphone or via the remote microphone, while prioritizing messages from the microphone.

The system is approved by the Standard’s Institute of Israel and can be activated by a direct connection to the control panel or by means of the ADR-723 or ADR 823A output assemblies.
The PA system also includes inputs for an uncontrolled microphone used for service purposes, an input for playing background music, contacts for playing general messages and an Ethernet port.
The PA system has been tested and meets the European Standard requirements and the requirements of the Standards Institute of Israel.

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